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My Social Practice and Urban public arts proposals are paramount in my work as a culmination of all that I am most passionate about. My raw materials consist of students and overseeing transformative projects with non profit groups in the surrounding cities. My resulting work becomes sculpture as action when collaborators across disciplines work from inception of concept to installation, to documenting, writing and designing the catalogs. These action pieces also forge new bonds and connections transforming the environment on another level. My work in the Middle East is of the utmost relevance today. Often my teaching includes opportunities for my students to become involved in works incorporating the efforts of local communities. This model incorporates the same resources but works directly with underserved school systems of the inner city. I become the moderator while the students from the university assist the school aged collaborators to participate in a a work that assists in identity building, reclamation and pride. It is not the final installation of the pieces that I consider the sculpture; instead it is the social interaction and building of pride, bridging the boundaries of economics, educational access, language and culture.

Creative Enterprise in Action
steam 15.jpg
Peace Project; crossing borders
5)United through work  Bekaa Valley Peac
emPower project :
Tribute to Trayvon Martin 
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