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About  the  Artist


Gina Miccinilli is an artist born and raised in the metropolitan area of New York City.  First generation Italian she spent much of her childhood at home in southern italy influencing her love of art. After proudly earning her Mfa while struggling as a single mom working and raising three kids. She began teaching courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in numerous universities while continuing to work in both the commercial and fine art field.Her fine art work has been exhibited in the US and abroad and was awarded a NYCDOT commission for her site specific work Lemniscatus. Her work has been exhibited in Hudson yards in 2019, Port authority in 2020. She has participated in numerous residencies including, International Sculpture Center, Sculpture Space, Buffalo Creek Art center, as well as opportunities overseas where her passion for social practice has lead her to militarized red zone along the Syrian border where she completed a 49’ collaborative project with Syrian refugees .

List of Technical Skills



   Comprehensive academy training 


    Oil and water based clay approaches 

    Armature construction for life size pieces



    Cold Patinas

    Slip Molds


    Variety of rubber mold making material Smoothon Mold max , black tuffy etc. 

    Non traditional 

   Casting media: Aqua Resin, Crystal Clear Resin, Hydra stone, Resin, Rubber glass

    Traditional: Plaster, wax 

    Waste Molds

    Direct Life casting with water based non toxic alginates

Digital Approaches


   Cinema 4D



   Ceramic shell investment

   Bonded resin sand molds

   Lost wax method 

   Direct Burn out molds

   Aluminum and Bronze casting

   Iron casting

   Welding- mig and tig


   Plasma cutter

   Chasing- grinding variety of surfaces/textures

    Patinas both hot and cold


   Mixed Media and assemblage

   Additve and reductive techniques

   Styrofoam hot wire tools

   Site specific installations

   Ephemeral works –process and construction nature based

   Time based performance

   Techniques for found object assemblage

Stone Carving /hand and power



  Soap Stone


   Pneumatic chasing equipment  



   Fritted glass


   Traditional  academy style teaching and non traditional methods

   Incorporation of  Conceptual and digital media approaches

Curatorial experience

   coordinating and executing exhibits of both professional artists and student work

   Comprehensive familiarity and network of resources in contemporary sculpture  

   Well versed in contemporary critical models

    International experience

   First generation Italian American 

   Fluent in conversational Italian (Installed room size installation at Venice Bieniale for           Nancy Spero)

    Spend at least 4 weeks every year in Italy and have a network of contacts there

    Import marble and alabaster from Tuscany to nyc for retail sculpture supply house

Designed a summer program  in Italy and ready to implement ! 

Creative Enterprise

Designed a new pedagogical model implemented in apprenticeship program

​Teaching: University Professor


Courses taught:

Basic Drawing 

Life Drawing

3d Design


Sculpture  200-600 level

Foundry 300-600 level

Advanced practices in sculpture 300-600 

Figurative Sculpture 300-600 level

Thesis for BFA students 

Thesis for MFA

Graduate Critique Seminar

Art and Interaction 300-400 level




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