gina miccinilli

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Ferro Elementare   7'x2.5'x14' Steel,

Hudson yards  NYC Recycled glass and polymer resin 2019 

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Syrian Peace Project  2017- 49' kinetic mobile constructed with both the  local children from the village of Bkarzla and displaced Syrian children living in  refugee camps . It is constructed as an multispecies upended tree  with roots at the apex of the ceiling of the peace center.  Branches and trunks from walnut , fig, olive and pomegranate trees were used to create the center axis found discarded in the fields, It is important to note that the children made these plaster fruit and placed them on the mobile as an restorative gesture. Many of these brave young children work at the very same farms for as little as $1 a day .   To this day, this project and the people I worked with there remain closest to my heart.  For more detailed information,  about this project please click on the photo above.

Echo #4  site specific kinetic work 23'x20'x20' steel, recycled glass, polymer and iron

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NYCDOT Commission to carve three granite blocks on site on varick st between broome and Watts at the entrance to the holland tunnel park.