gina miccinilli

Foundry students designed logos for WPU's  first  Iron symposium.  47 Students and artists alike from North Carolina to Canada  travelled for this weekend long event.  

Newark Arts Proposal Ready to Unveil 2009

R&R for Syria peace center commission details

The Bigger Picture-Art and the Community 

2017 49' sculpture installation for the Peace Center in Northern Governate Lebanon collaborative piece with Syrian children living in refugee camps along with kids from the local village. 

Dumbo Arts Festival performance art iron pour  including

my Graduate students in the performance alongside master sculptors Kenneth Payne and Mike Dominick  2010-12

art students collaborating with  children in neighboring communities 

"Creative Enterprise" exemplified! An interdepartmental pedagogical program designed by Gina Miccinilli. It provides a structural framework to provide professional opportunities for students. Mutually beneficial in its design, it facilitates collaboration between various departments on campus while providing much needed support to non profit organizations and neighboring communities.  

Creative Enterprise example