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Gina Miccinilli is an artist  born and raised in the metropolitan area of New York City. .   First generation Italian American, she had the privilege of growing up within two cultures, splitting her time between the US and in Italy where most of her family resides and still very much her home.  This cultural influence of her Italian heritage and her dad's wood working studio contributed to her love of arts.  After graduation, she continued her studies of figurative  art in the academies in New York City while working commercial art projects.. In conjunction with the academy work, she pursued  her interest in foundry and set up a foundry to create and cast projects in her own studio.  Her Commercial work expanded to include  public curatorial projects landing contracts with various realty management companies  affording her the opportunity to earn her MFA. She teaches  courses at both  undergraduate and graduate levels in numerous universities while continuing to work in both the commercial and fine art field..  Her fine art work has been exhibited  in the US and abroad and was awarded a NYCDOT commission for her site specific work Lemniscatus. 2017 has been a busy year for her completing  a residency with International Sculpture Center before heading to Lebanon. She worked in militarized red zone of Northern Governate  in collaboration with syrian refugee and local villagers where she completed a 49' kinetic sculpture commission for The Peace Center, situated 4 km from the Syrian border.